Complete Tree Care for Chicago's Western Suburbs
Canopy Tree Care  245 W Roosevelt Rd  West Chicago IL  60185
Preserve the health of your
Ash trees for future
generations to enjoy!

Canopy Tree Care will
chemically treat your Ash
trees with the most
advanced trunk micro-
infusion to kill the EAB
larvae inside the tree.
Your trees are the pride of
your property.

At Canopy Tree Care, we
understand that when your
trees look good, your home
looks good, and enhances
your curb appeal. That's why
our experienced
professionals take pride in
the meticulous care and
grooming of your trees.
Evergreens and some fragile
shade trees benefit from some
TLC in autumn to prepare them
for the cold winter months. With
judicious choices and proper
care, the shade trees and
evergreens that you plant today
can enhance your home and
your neighborhood for years and
even decades to come.We've
found some tips to get your
trees ready for the cold.